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As we attach great importance to originality, the creations Pied-de-Poule are produced in very limited editions - never more than two or three identical copies - and are, in most cases, totally unique. Handcrafted in Quebec with passion and thoroughness, our products meet the highest quality requirements. A neat look and a flawless finish are our promises to you.

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Sensitive to environmental issues, we believe that it is essential to minimize our ecological footprint. Giving a second life to abandoned fabrics and thus diverting them from landfills is an eco-responsible practice that we are very proud to carry out on a daily basis. We also make sure to encourage local suppliers to purchase the new equipment needed to make our products.

Plus, by buying local, you prevent goods from traveling thousands of miles to get to you. You also make sure that the conditions in which they are made are healthy for workers and the environment.

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Our fascination with aesthetics and vintage spirit is limitless. We love to use old to make new, update, give a second chance. The recovered material is material imbued with history, life, mysteries. We see a crazy charm there! This is why all the fabrics used in the making of our creations are recovered fabrics.

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