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To purchase our products PIED-DE-POULE online using Portneuf currencies, two options are available to you.

First option : pay for your items with your credit card and select the “Workshop pickup” option. When you go to collect your order, we will refund the amount directly to your card in exchange for la Portneuvois currencies.

Second option : Contact us and tell us which items you wish to purchase. During your visit to the workshop to collect your order, you can pay us with Portneuvoise currencies. Note that the latter are not redeemable for cash; it is therefore preferable that you use them in full. Thus, at PIED-DE-POULE, we sincerely hope that this experience will be a positive one for you. Thank you for your loyalty to us as well as your solidarity with the Portneuvois community.

Portneuvoise currencies

How to get this currency

As of August 14, Portneuvois Currencies will be on sale on the website of La Ruche Quebec. Purchasers will automatically see their purchase increased by double the value thanks to a subsidy from the MRC, which comes from the Fonds de la Région de la Capitale-Nationale (FRCN). Quantities will be limited to $ 100 per buyer and must be purchased in increments of $ 20.

For more information on this campaign put forward by the MRC de Portneuf, visit the website INFOPORTNEUF

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