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You will love our protective masks which stand out for their quality of manufacture and their ease of use. The attachment system behind the head (and not behind the ears) is very popular for the comfort it provides. In addition, the elastic being adjustable, it is easy to position the mask optimally. Our masks are made up of three layers of fabric, for increased safety, and thus meet the new recommendations of the federal public health authorities (as of November 3, 2020).

Our ORIGINAL MODEL consists of two layers of cotton and / or polyester and a layer of micro-polar in the center. Our SECOND MODEL is itself made more simply of three layers of cotton and / or polyester. Our masks are available in sizes for women (also suitable for teenagers), for men and for young children (3 to 8 years).

| Do you wear glasses and would like a nose clip integrated into our masks? Or would you prefer the elastics to be worn behind the ears? We will be happy to make these changes to any of our masks in the online store at no additional cost. Write to us to request it; it's that simple! |

local protective masks

How to adjust the mask

The mask is worn with both parts of the elastic behind the head; the top one over the ears and the bottom one (with the ball) behind the neck. First position the mask on your face while placing the two parts of the elastic behind your head. Adjust the top elastic first, pulling it slightly forward and then down. Position the ball at the desired height for an optimal adjustment. Place the mask on your face as best as possible and avoid touching it up afterwards.

Protective masks for women

Protective masks for men

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