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Protective mask for MEN (polyester lining) # 62


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Summer mask for MEN in yellow fabric with green, blue and red geometric shapes.

This mask, comfortable, conforming well to the shape of the face and covering both the nose and the chin, was designed to suit most body types. It consists of three layers of cotton and / or polyester fabrics, in order to filter the droplets (virus transmission vector) effectively. The length of the elastic is adaptable using a ball for an optimal fit. The two parts of the elastic are worn behind the head; the top one over the ears and the bottom one (with the ball) behind the neck.

  • Made with reclaimed vintage fabrics (outer layer of the mask in polyester and / or polyester) as well as new materials (inner layer in polyester, polyester interlining, elastic, ball)

Given the nature of some fabrics, the mask may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.
The price shown is for a single mask.


This protective mask is handcrafted. Its components and properties are therefore not comparable to an approved medical mask. Wearing a protective mask does not replace frequent washing of hands, social distancing and confinement measures which are the best ways to protect yourself and those around you. Rather, it is a complement to it.


You must wash your mask before using it for the first time. Hand washing in warm water with soap is sufficient and will keep your mask looking good for as long as possible. Dry flat or near a radiator. Iron at medium temperature if necessary.


  • First wash your hands with an alcohol solution or soap and water
  • Apply the mask by adjusting it as best as possible on the face
  • Avoid touching the mask when it is in place
  • Remove the mask by removing it from the back
  • Wash your hands with an alcohol solution or soap and water

It is very important to wash off the mask in hot water with soap after each use! In addition, it is not recommended to be worn for long periods; a few hours at most. It might be wise to plan two or even three masks for a full working day, for example.

Wearing a mask is not without precautions, and we appeal to everyone's responsibility to respect them rigorously.


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